What to Expect with a Mechanical Engineering Salary

To begin, a mechanical engineer is someone who uses materials science and physics applications to analyse, as well as design, manufacture, and maintain various types of mechanical systems. There is another category of engineering that involves the production and use of mechanical power and heat associated with the design, production, and operation of tools and machines of which mechanical engineering is a part.

While there are numerous engineering careers and subcategories, mechanical engineering is among the oldest but also most widely used of all disciplines. As a successful mechanical engineer, a person would need to possess full understanding relating to mechanics, along with materials science, structural analysis, kinematics, and thermodynamics.

Potential for Making Money

Because of the education and training involved to gain knowledge and expertise regarding core concepts and high demand for qualified people, a mechanical engineering salary is considered above average. Along with specialized education and training, other factors would come into play as to the amount of money a mechanical engineer could make. For instance, the exact employer, geographic location, project being worked, level of experience, and additional expertise would be contributing factors.

There are actually many exciting aspects of mechanical engineering especially in today’s world. Thanks to a continual evolution of advanced technology, salary potential has increased. In addition, with so many different fields being developed to include nanotechnology, composites, and mechatronics by mechanical engineers, not only is salary potential great but also job stability and career opportunity.

Boosting Earnings

As mentioned, the person with special expertise would probably have a higher mechanical engineering salary over someone handling the more standard type projects. Having required skills to work with various fields that commonly intertwine or overlap with this form of engineering to include watercraft, aircraft, medical devices, transport systems, industrial machinery and equipment, manufacturing plants, robotics, and heating/cooling systems among others would also prove beneficial as far as salary.

Along with having expertise in multiple disciplines of mechanical engineering to help boost earning potential, the person who has spent time becoming proficient in tools of the trade would also be in a position to make more money. After all, to do the job right, regardless of the project or field, a highly skilled mechanical engineer needs to be qualified to work with product lifecycle management and computer-aided engineering, as well as other tools for design and analysis.

Average Salaries

On average, the mechanical engineering salary is $80,000 but there are many specialized positions within mechanical engineering, each with its own distinct median income. Some of these positions along with coordinating income are provided below. Again, it is important to understand mechanical engineering salary information provided is just an average in that various factors would determine the exact amount a person could earn.

  • Senior Mechanical Design Engineering – $92,000
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer – $91,000
  • Reliability Engineer – $88,000
  • Energy Engineer – $84,000
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer – $83,000
  • Product Development Engineer – $82,000
  • Product Design Engineer – $79,000
  • Mechanical Project Engineer – $79,000
  • Mechanical Design Engineer – $74,000
  • Design Engineer – $73,000
  • Manufacturing Process Engineer – $72,000

Summary Information

In return for making a good mechanical engineering salary, this professional would be responsible for improving performance of machinery, which in turn would perform optimally to increase a company’s bottom line. Along with career opportunities in mechanical engineering broadening and demand growing, it makes perfect sense that the already solid salary would also have potential to increase. Even for someone just getting started, the average mechanical engineering salary ranges anywhere from $45,000 to $65,000 a year, making this a solid career choice.

To get started, a person needs at minimum to have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering although most employers gladly hire with any engineering degree. However, having a degree specific to this field of engineering would certainly influence overall income. Of course, for better advancement options and even higher mechanical engineering salary, even when first getting started, having a Master’s degree with concentration in mechanical engineering would be essential.

Although the educational journey to become a mechanical engineering can be gruelling, there are many rewards. Studies are in-depth and challenging but for the person interested in mechanical engineering, the payoff is well worth time spent learning. Of course, once a person begins earning a much higher salary, it would become clear the hard work and dedication was a small sacrifice to pay.